Friday, May 25, 2012

Sterling Highway

Here we are on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.  Flew in to Anchorage Wednesday evening, arriving at midnight.  The mountians were spectacular with the midnight sunset.  Drove the old Sterling Highway yesterday and had lunch in Seward, enjoyed seeing the ships in the harbor and the beginning of the Iditarod Trail.  Visited Portage Glacier where the lake is still iced over, and drove out to Exit Glacier, but the road was closed.  Aspen and birch are leafing out, and I love the spindly Sitka Spruce that grows in the boggy places.  Saw a cow moose with twins, and realized that Allen's law is really true-they are so BIG here.  Have seen some new birds already, the Northwestern Crow and Arctic Tern.  Lots of gulls but haven't had time to ID them, I am pretty certain the common one is the Mew Gull.  Haven't had an opportunity to paint or sketch yet, but there is certainly plenty of inspiration here, there are vistas everywhere.

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