Thursday, June 14, 2012

Glacier Bay

Spent the entire day (June 10th) in the Crow's Nest of the Volendam in Glacier Bay.  We saw Lamplugh and Margerie Glaciers and witnessed calving at Margerie as icebergs broke off into Glacier Bay.  The weather was cold, foggy and rainy, as the NPS interpreter said, "glacier making weather".  There were black-legged kittiwakes and tufted puffins nesting on the cliff to the south of Margerie Glacier.  Every time calving took place, the birds headed for the ocean where the iceberg stirred up marine life.  It was interesting to see the glacial till in the waters of the bay, with the appearance of mocha latte.  From Glacier Bay we headed south through Icy Strait and the Inside Passage to Vancouver.  Along the way we spotted dolphins and whales spouting (probably humpback).  Some folks were fortunate enough to see the Orcas as well.  Hope we brought the rainy weather to southeastern Wyoming and Northern Colorado to put out the wildfires.  A visitor asked a youngster in Ketchikan "How long has it been raining?"  The youngster replied "I don't know, I'm only five."  That said, although it was often cold and rainy, we had nice weather much of the time and enjoyed the whole experience immensely.  I was able to do several watercolor sketches while on the Volendam, and have brought home some wonderful photo references to paint from.

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