Friday, May 9, 2014

Melbourne Australia

We  arrived in Melbourne on May seventh, via LA to Auckland, crossing the International Dateline and losing May sixth entirely.  We enjoyed a city tour visiting St Paul's church , the outdoor market, Little Italy  and Fitzroy Gardens.  In the afternoon we took a tour to Prince Phillip Island, following the Nobbies along the coast to see wallabys in the wild as the sun was setting .  The ocean breeze from the south was brisk with Antarctica only 2000 miles away.  We watched the Little Penguins come to shore and waddle up the beach to their burrows.  Yesterday we visited the Yarra Valey and the Dandenong Mountains where we saw cockatoos and lorikeets and walked  the Lyrebird trail in a temperate rainforest with tree ferns, a landscape right out of "Jurassic Park".  We saw kangaroos, wallabys, koalas and the Tasmanian devil at a rehabilitation facility as well.  Melbourne is a city of four million and has  a great deal of charm with some beautiful historic buildings and many modern ones.

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