Sunday, March 11, 2018

Vermillion Cliffs & Condors

We left Las Vegas on Friday morning and headed North on I15.  We drove back through Zion National Park and were astounded at the number of visitors; must have been Spring Break.  Got some photos of the Virgin River Canyon, then stopped at Mt Carmel Junction for a late lunch.  The gentleman who served us said the local game warden had a feeling site for the California Condors just a mile out of town. I was not aware they were nesting in Zion again.  We got our first look at a condor soaring overhead, their wingspan is 9 feet, so they are almost un-mistakeable.  Headed south past Kanab on Highway 89A and found the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument Condor viewing station just three miles off the main road.  It was almost dark, so my photos aren't great, but we saw 9 Condors soaring over the Vermillion Cliffs.  We traveled from Ouray this morning and saw deer and elk just outside of town.  Saw a herd of 8-9 elk in the Colorado River west of Rifle, I was able to get some good photos with my long lens.  We also saw a moose in the willows on Colorado Creek between Steamboat Springs and Walden.  Unfortunately, it disappeared before I was able to photograph it.  Home before dark.

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