Monday, July 1, 2013

First day as artist in resident in RMNP


Had an amazing day here in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Headed up the Trail Ridge Road and located Sundance Mountain where Birger Sandzen did his painting "Road in the Wilderness".  Hiked the Tundra Trail where we saw pika, marmots and my first ptarmigan.  There were a pair of ptarmigan defending their nest from a marmot.  We watched them for fifteen minutes and then hiked on up the trail.  When we returned, the drama was over, but I could hear peeping, so think the young re safe for now.  Drove on to Lava Cliffs and sketched Iceberg Lake.  The cliffs were backlit and the shadows were great.  Didn't rain until we arrived back at the cabin for the evening.

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