Saturday, July 6, 2013


Many magical days in Rocky, and I have located and sketched seven of the early artists landscapes already.  On Trail Ridge Road I found Sandzen's landscapes of Sundance Mountain and Iceberg Lake.  We hiked to Bierstadt Lake on July Fourth, and I Sketched the landscape for Bierstadt's painting there.  A mallard with eight downy ducklings swam by as I was painting.  Went to Grand Lake to paint Bierstadt's scene from there and hiked to Adams Falls.  Today we found Babcock'slandscape on the Twin Sisters Trail, and I did a painting there.  I also painted the scene where Moran did "Solitude" on Fish Creek Road this morning.  Found Bierstadt'slandscape near the Dunraven Fish Creek Cottage.  It has been great locating and painting these beautiful places en plain air.

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  1. Joy, as owner of the Dunraven Cottage on Fish Creek I welcome you anytime to come back and sketch, draw or paint and bring some friends with you! I would love to see your work and the view from my front yard. Please let me know if you are coming to Estes, I would love to show you the Cottage. Chris Pedersen